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Milford Side History


The typical New England country burying ground - so beautifully called by the ancient Saxons, God's Acre - is usually a hallowed spot of unpremeditated charm rather than of studied stateliness and planned layout. The lengthened shadows of its history, the mellowness of age, the charm of nature's unhurried working, give it a character and command for it a reverence far different from that of man's more modern making.


Such a God's Acre is the sacred spot in lovely Woodbridge where rest the dead of many of the town's oldest families - the spot known as the Milford Side Burying Ground. 

Old age is truly its heritage. Among the old headstones, set out by youthful hands that are now long since stilled, two may still be found today on which can be deciphered the date of 1700.


Milford Side Burying Ground Association was founded on November 4, 1854


Contact Us

Malcolm W. Baldwin JR.



Melanie J. Rish 


Secretary / Treasurer





Cemetery Address

1138 Racebrook Road

Woodbridge, Connecticut

Mailing Address

1055 Racebrook Road

Woodbridge, CT 06525



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